Sunday, October 29, 2006


Even though I enjoy a good campout every now and then, and loved camping out on the floor with my brothers growing up, I do not love waking up stiff and sore. When I was little and sleeping on the floor, my mom would make what she calls a pallette for us to sleep on. Pallettes consist of lots of blankets and pillows that will swallow a person on a cold morning. Some how Ken and I have transformed that word into tuffet (Ken really loves to take our Embryisms and morph them into something else)...we have started making a tuffet infront of the fireplace (yeah, thats right we have a gas fire place, baby!) instead of sleeping in our bed.

....I'm not really sure where I was going with this. I started this post ages ago, and I'm not really sure what the point was. Since I have been so super busy lately and (as you have noticed) not been able to post anything really interesting. Oh well, I hope this makes some sense

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