Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, I have been in Ann Arbor for a couple of months, and I have joined a couple of different groups and met a bunch of people. Because I have missed my friends in DC, I am really happy to report that I have made some new friends here!

They mainly fall into 2 of 3 categories:

1.) Ave Maria

2.) Married Women (or just about)

3.) women with Children

One of my favorite combos is Mrs. L, who just had a bunch of gals (whose husbands were feverishly working on their mid-term memos) to watch Pride & Prejudice (one of my favorite books). I also babysit for her beautifully wonderful boy, Rey-Rey every Thursday afternoon. She is wonderful enough to let me get "my baby on" for an hour a week.

Another gal is Mrs. Cools thats right she is cool. Her husband is in KW's section of law school, and she is one of the few that I know, that lives in my complex, and does not have children. We have recently taken to exchanging recipes and walking around the neighborhood gushing about our husbands, and sharing our frustrations of not seeing them all the time. She has her own blog about recipes, which I love:

And the one I see the most (and therefore, has to deal with my craziness teh most) is Jessica, who i would with at Alzheimers, is engaged and getting ready to buy her first house with her fiance. SO EXCITING! She is a hoot and is showing me the ropes of the organization.

I am excited about all of these new people in my life and to have a great time with some fun girls!


GranolaGirl12 said...

Yay yay yay!! I'm so happy for you... though I still wish WE were able to walk around the neighborhood sharing recipes and gushing about our husbands.

Rhonda Moaland said...

Hey Alec,
We miss you and I love your blog. You made me smile and laugh out loud. We were just saying how we miss you when Dave told me about your blog. What a blessing! I'm glad friends found you. Now they are blessed too. I (We) miss you and Ken something terrible. Take care and have a Blessed Christmas!

Rhonda - DC