Thursday, August 18, 2011

Answered Prayers

So my last post, many moons ago, was me whining about being alone.  And anyone can scroll through my posts even when they are infrequent and see that our lifestyle can get a bit lonesome.

But the Monday after my last post, I decided that I would take Cdubs to the big kid park (which is usually too crazy for us) just to get some air.  And I prayed and hoped for maybe a half talk with a mom or two. 

Well, God was listening because I met two wonderful moms there that day with two great kids. And one of them has become a great source of entertainment for me and Cdubs.  She invites us to many different play groups and outings, which is great...but even better?  Her child and C get along like gangbusters.  To the point where C goes to the door and knocks on it saying, "I WALK WITH *insert kids name* WALK!"  The other bonus is that I love talking to this new friend and her friends because they actively work to talk about real things and not just mom war stories. 

I am sorry for the lack of posts and the lack of pictures (they kind of go hand in hand)...but we left our camera hookup cord in Vienna.  So no pictures of Edinburgh till then, I guess.

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