Sunday, July 10, 2011

All by myself

Don't want to be All BY MYSELF-ANY MORE!
(sing it!)

Okay, so Kdubs is off for another trip, and this is mine and Cdubs first time alone in a foreign country.  I really love Edinburgh, and I am not nearly as paranoid as I get in other places...but I don't love it.  For several reasons, #1 is the shower.  I have a weird thing about showering by myself.  It comes from too many friends/family having very bad, sometimes fatal accidents in the shower.  So, to me, it is a justified fear.

I never give Kdubs a lot of credit for entertaining me all the time.  He works from home and he works A himself...secluded.  But, now that he is not here...IT IS TO QUIET...even with my husband who is often called "quiet K," it just doesn't feel right. 

We also have not met anyone here, really.  And with all our travels and visitors, making friends in 90 days seems moot.  But I do miss the social interaction.

So, for that and losing the baby weight.  I have signed up for yoga and pilates classes (not that I can do them when Kdubs is gone this week).  And I have to say, I am really enjoying yoga.  Much more than I thought.  I am such a spaz and so silly that I didn't think I could get into it.  But 2 things have come to mind about that...1.) don't do yoga with a friend--it just gives me someone to laugh with and 2.) I think I may have matured and appreciate the finer points of my body after giving birth.   That also said...I think that it will totally help me go complete med-free next time....that is if the next kid doesn't come out with her hand on her head like she is talking on the phone...cause that hurts mommy!

Cdubs is adorable and awesome...and tiring and ridiculous.  But she is funny, and I love how she is talking and signing like crazy.

oh, yeah, I am teaching her baby sign language...a.) cause it helps with communication and b.) cause I loved learning it throughout my life and want to keep up and teach her.

Right now, she is getting down, "nice to meet you" and banana...even though no one but me would know what she is saying.

Also, she is going through a crazy shy phase right now.  Most babies, i've read, go through the stranger danger phase at 6months.  Not her.  She has never met someone she didn't love to talk to, or wave to, or look at.  It is still true, but if someone looks or talks to her...she gets all shy and hides behind me.  Plus side: she is easier to keep track of walking around and I'm less scared she won't run away from into some strangers arm for just a smile.

Lots of other things going on...but that is more in depth.  I should write more...and less that the word? sporadic?  crazy?  yeah...something like that.


Anonymous said...

Love your updates :)

amanda said...

u r a rockstar!!

K.M. Stockton said...

Must be interesting to travel everywhere! Interesting blog.

K.M. Stockton said...

Must be interesting to travel everywhere! Interesting blog.

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