Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toddler Trauma

Oh, we are hitting those fun toddler years, people.

We had a week long visitor from Austria with her child, who is 2 months older than Cdubs.  She is more advanced in many ways and is usually a good motivator for Cdubs to walk, talk, and do more.  However, this is biting us in the butt.  With 7 days of nothing but whining and pitching fits from this kid, C has learned that this can happen?!?!?!   While C was an almost perfect angel while the guests where here, now that they are gone, she has gone into meltdown mode.  That might be part of the getting used to not having visitors around, some emerging molars, a cold or whatever...but it all boils down to


She is learning all about time outs
and I am learning a big lesson in patience.

Kdubs came home from a trip (while our visitors were here) and said, "What happened to our sweet baby?"  I said, "she's becoming a toddler, watch out!"


Cita Online said...

Can't believe she's a toddler already!

Catching up on your blog... so glad to hear that you found some good mom friends, and I continue to keep you close in prayer!

amanda said...

so happy for the update friend! tantrums and all :) also so excited for you and the new mommy friends! such a great thing isn't it??

take care friend :)

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