Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

 I am a little late on updating about Halloween.  Well, story of my life it seems.  To play catch up:
1.) Kdubs has been gone back to Europe on a 40 day work excursion around Central and Eastern Europe
2.) Cdubs and I have been staying at my parents house in the ATL (we also spend some time with the in-Laws in SC). 
3.) We missed him, but we made it...
(and there was much rejoicing...yea!)

We were having a hard time picking out what Cdubs would be for Halloween, and by we, I mean me, my mom, my mother in law and my sister in law.  Not Kdubs. 

Since I hate making choices, we did two:
1.) (above) was the Monkey for the Monkey Baby, which is what my family calls her.
2.) (to the right) is Dorothy using the dress that Kdubs bought her from Belgium when I was pregnant...yes, before we knew our baby was a girl.
 We already had red shoes and I fashioned a wig out of yarn and a headband...I couldn't figure out how to make the back.  So it is like a reverse mullet.

I was the cowardly lion....fitting, right?

There is a whole post that needs to be written about my cowardliness at the moment.  But I also need to write Cdubs' birth story (now that it is almost a year past), travel tips with a baby, and show you all the craft that has been going on here.
I'll get to it.

But again, I use the Cdubs to distract and entertain:
As RuPaul and my great grandmother demonstrated, no one looks as good when the wig comes off.

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amanda said...

she is adorable!! adorable!!!