Monday, August 16, 2010

Brain Mish Mash

I have about 3 posts that I need to finish and post, so until I can commit to them, I figured I would just go through a few things that are going through my mind:

  • I recently started a new part time job.  It is only 10 hours a week, but it seems to be taking up all my nap time.  Until I can get a handle on things, my apartment is totally suffering.
  • #1 on that suffering list: Laundry.  I have been struggling for almost 2 months to get a handle on our laundry from the first two weeks of traveling.  But having a washer/dryer combo means that I can only put 1 sheet or 3 pairs of pants in at atime.
  • This, however, does not explain why I can't keep up with folding the clothes.  That is just me being lazy.
  • I could really go for a Twizzler right now.
  • I am also re-watching the first few seasons of How I Met Your Mother...happiness reigns in my tv life.
  • The baby is getting really big!  She is crawling...well more like army-crawling/inch-worming.  She is babbling more and more, but her favorite is still Da-da-da-da.  
  • I am loving introducing her to solid foods.  We have tackled a lot of purees (zucchini and peas with mint, mixed vegetables with italian seasoning, apples and cinnamon), finger foods (bananas, avocados, bits of toast).  And we are thinking about starting on some yogurt and/or soy beans.  
  • I still love breast-feeding, but she is getting less and less enamored with it.  She will nurse for shorter and shorter amounts of time, and she does not always want to nurse to sleep.  
  • She sometimes even wants to sleep on her own (with minimal crying).  Every so often, she will cry so much that I can then nurse her down.  
  • I dread the weaning process that has obvious started.
  • I am loving this Tracey Porter dinnerware. But I am not sure if it is a little over-the-top.
  • 33 days until we come home to Atlanta.
  • Living in Vienna is starting to grow on me, but I am still so excited to go home I can barely stand it!
  • I made red beans & rice from scratch this week...and now I have "Baby Got Back" in my head!


Krystyn said...

She's growing up too fast. Solids and crawling?

Yay for a trip to the ATL!

amanda said...

first love the dinnerware! can i come over once you get it and eat off of it? mkay :)

and the not fun. i feel your pain sister. fingers crossed she is just in a little phase (we went through that a couple of times) and you still have some time left!

LuvRedandWhite said...

Wait? Moving home to Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

If you're bored while you're home for a visit, I would love to hang out!