Friday, August 20, 2010

We like to Party, we like we like to Party

My baby is about to turn 9 months old... I am doing what every mother would be doing...


I am trying to come up with some cute themes, and I need some help.

My family calls her monkey baby, so I was going to do monkeys.  (However, my sister in law is kinda claiming them for her son (who is a few months younger than Cdubs).)  But then monkeys are not very girlie...and this baby is def. more monkey like.

Then I saw a really pretty theme called, "You are my Sunshine."  While yellow is not Cdubs best color, I still like it.  But it might be too summery for November.  All that yellow next to the beige of the GA after thanksgiving...CLASH!

And then Kdubs suggested a 'round the world theme, which I brushed off as "too adult."  But then I thought it would be super fun to do a "Where in the World is Cdubs?" ala Carmen Sandiego and dress her up in a red trench coat.  While, I like this might be better for birthday #2 because we will have finished our travels then.

Have you seen any cute girl themes that aren't too girly? 

A lot of the other ones I've liked would be great for when she is older--tea party, fairies, etc. 

I just want something cute and colorful.

Open to suggestions below.


Cita Online said...

What about ladybugs? The red won't clash with Thanksgiving colors. And I'm not sure you can pull it off in older years... so you can ring in the tea parties and fairies then!

Anonymous said...

My sweet friend Alison makes invitations. A client used her polka dot invites to create a whole party theme. It seems quite C'dubs-ish to me :) My friend posted about it here:

Krystyn said...

We didn't really do a theme for the first birthday. I think the polkadot idea is cute.

I did some invites that looked like lollipops and those were pretty cute, too.

amanda said...

birthday obsession is totally normal at this point. totally. enjoy the obsessing :)

and whatever theme u go with - it will be perfect!!

GranolaGirl said...

I did polka dots for Ruth's 1st-- with round foods and lots of pastels (not TOO much pink). The picks are on facebook... the party favors were tie-dyed t-shirts with circles.

I like the ladybug idea too! You used to love ladybugs (right?)


The Mrs. said...

check out parents mag and family fun mag for tons of birthday ideas. ill have to think over the whole girl thing cause well my house is a testosterone zone.

Anywho... you won the book giveaway! I just need your address, but I dont know if they'll send overseas to a non apo so maybe your parents address? I wanted to give yo the option rather then just skipping over. If you arent interested let me know, I can pick someone else and mail you my copy. I dont mind mailing overseas.

Ive been meaning to email you back, I'm sorry life is crazy as always, I got the code but its still not working, the button shows up but not the box with the code in it. I hate technology. There I said it.

The Mrs. said...

what about a whole GA peach theme?

Erin said...

I cannot even bring myself to think let alone plan E's first birthday. You are way ahead of the game!