Monday, April 12, 2010

An unintended bloggy break

Sorry for the bloggy break, but I have been enjoying time with my family...
Not my parents' family.
But mine

We have been trying to get out more with varied success.

Part of me has such a hard time leaving my nest...I am quasi-agoraphobic and the baby can both help repress and exacerbate this problem.

We have been going all around Vienna and exploring the different districts and sights.  To the right, is us at the Prater...the old Imperial hunting grounds now turned crazy-ass state fair.  It is tons of fun.

It has been fun and the perfect way to introduce the three of us to traveling together.  Kdubs knows that both of us need to be fed and comfy to be happy travelers.

That being said, most problems are all me.  I get nervous or uncomfortable about changing/nursing/crying baby out in public and I just want to go home.  After I get used to the idea that "hey, it's a baby; get over it people," then I am fine.  But when she gets into a crying jag, it is hard not to feel like a bad mom.

This past weekend, Kdubs surprised us with a boat tour down the Danube (well up the Danube) to the town of Melk. Through the wine region and up to the Abbey (picture right).  It was gorgeous and made me love Austria and miss home at the same time.

The area really reminds me of the Blue Ridge and my favorite lakes from the south, even though the weather was gross.

I wish there were more opportunities for pictures, but we are definitely taking family and friends here when the COME VISIT!

That being said, I am getting excited about coming home for a month+ in about a month+.  Here are some cute Cdubs pics to distract us all until May 14th.

Rocking her first pair of jeans
and giving what Kdubs refers to as her "judgey" look.

Easter Ready!
I am not a smocking type of mom, but if there ever was an occasion: Easter is it!

I hope everyone is doing well...and forgives this blogging break...but those cheeks are very distracting.


amanda said...

you guys are adorable!!! for real - sooo fun friend!

Red and White Preppy said...

Your little family is so stinkin' cute :) Love the pics!

McMommy said...

2.) kDubs is very easy on the eyes.
3.) CDUBS is so awesome...she can pull off any style--from southern smocking to rockin' jeans.
4.)YOU ARE COMING HOME! ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a true gift to moi. I'll pick up the Dunkin and you and CDubs meet me at the house. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are so precious!

Stephanie said...

Pigtails AND diet coke, some things are universal. Love it.

Cita Online said...

That's beautiful! Love the pics - thanks for sharing your gorgeous family with us. Any chance we'll see you at Ave graduation (I know, fat chance) on the 15th or will you be poking around Georgia then?

The Mrs. said...

your family is pretty freakin fantastic if I may say so. And I may.