Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Visitors

We have had parents in and out the past three weeks...
-Someone to hold the baby whenever I need to eat, cook, or pee.
--Someone to come out and explore this new city with me.
---someone to talk to when Kdubs goes into his manic workaholic phase.

-Having to be a constant hostess and tourist.
--not being able to get into a routine.
---not having any alone time with Kdubs

Even with a few cons, I am very nervous about them leaving. I am worried about being over here by myself, especially when Kdubs goes to crazy workaholic phase.

The baby has been still in flux especially at night, and I am still tired a lot. I wish I could nap and nap and nap, but no can do.
Such as life with a baby, right?


The Mrs. said...

no doubt you'll rise to the occasion : ) good luck

Krystyn said...

You will totally rock it...and will learn to love your normal new life. Trust me...visitors (especially of the parental in-law kind) tend to make things different.