Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First of many mom-judgements

I was in an Austrian version of a homegoods store today when a lady passed me with her baby sitting in the seat portion of the shopping cart. The baby was sitting up straight and very animated and holding onto the handlebars very excited for the outing.


She had to be several months older than Cdubs developmentally but she couldn't have been any bigger than her...maybe even smaller!

This just affirms my suspicions that Cdubs is to Austrian infants what Godzilla is to the people of Japan.

But more pink and gummy (well, I am not sure that is the case for long...she might be teething?!?)


Buffalo Betty said...

That's because CDubs is the newest member of the Gigantors! She's going to be two feet taller than that Austrian pip squeak.

Get her on a basketball court, stat, and tell her she has a proud heritage to come into. She might be "Jolly Green Giant" in sixth grade but then she'll be "modelesque" come high school. Watch out now! And she's got a US-based brute squad on the ready if we need to educate some folks :)

Krystyn said...

Well, I think she's perfect...coming from a mom with one teeny tiny baby and one baby who I might have called "husky" today.

The Mrs. said...

shes a cutie patootie! but she could eat my six month old for a snack. well except his giangantic head. I have tiny babies who have giant noggins. we all have some cross to bare : )

Pearce said...

ahh! She's just too cute! Love those sweet cheeks :-)