Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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It is Mommy and Me Monday again.

When getting Cdubs ready for bath time, I had a flashback:

~~insert Wayne's World: duddilie doo-duddilie doo-duddilie doo~~~

When I was 13, I was lucky enough to have my cousin and her husband live with us while they were saving up for a house. My mom was raised with Pam as an older sister, and Pam lived with us during summers in college. Pam was ALWAYS the coolest. So halfway into the first year of living with us with her husband (who my brothers still think is the coolest human being on the planet), they announced they were pregnant. I was over the moon...I loved watching Pam have cravings for banana chips and warm orange Gatorade. And when her little girl, Caroline, was born...I was in love. I would come home every day and race to hold her, change her diaper and talk to her. Our favorite activity became: Superbaby.

While wearing her hooded towel, I would scoop her up and fly her around the room usually in full view of her mirror so she could giggle at that silly mirror-baby.

I had forgotten about superbaby until carrying Cdubs from one room to another half dressed. I had my flashback and told Kdubs to capture it for me:

Please forgive the sight of me...this was after a very difficult night of 2 hours of sleep.  
And please forgive Cdubs belly flash. 

Power fists...I love that serious face.


darcie said...

Great pics!

Krystyn said...

What a fun memory...she looks less than thrilled, but one day, she will love it.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

Erin said...

You, my dear, look teeny tiny! :)

Anonymous said...

SUPER cute!

Rana said...

How cute is this. I love the fist. I thought I was the only one that craved Gatoraid. Thanks for stopping by.

Pages' Page said...

So precious! You.look.AMAZING!