Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You have been almost there a couple of times...a chuckle here and there...maybe a squeal of delight.

But tonight you pulled out the big guns.

You laughed with so much abandon while all three of us danced to your fav. song*.

It was so wonderful, and I hope I remember it forever.
I can't wait to hear that laugh forever and ever!!!

*I try to not be ashamed that it is Amy Whinehouse, but thankfully it is obscure and it is your aunt's theme song-named after her.  And it is catchy, dangit!


amanda said...

i promise you won't forget it mama.


The Mrs. said...

i wish I could bottle up their laughter. Nothing else, nothing else in the entire universe is like it.

Krystyn said...

Oh, the first laugh. AWESOME!

And, the visual of you dancing is reminding me of Friends. Weren't they dancing to baby got back?

Erin said...

It is the BEST when they laugh! :)

Amy Whinehouse, yeah, she's a freak! :)