Thursday, December 18, 2008

Killing Time and Brain Cells

Since I work at a law school, I am asked to proctor exams for finals. I generally like it. I get three hours to surf the internet, read a book, or catch up on my correspondence. Guess which one I did more of?

But this year it has been really fun. I am mainly proctoring 1Ls (first year students) and this is their first set of exams. I actually have gotten to proctor for the same group of 1Ls twice! So they know me and I know them. Makes things easier because the one constant thing with 1L finals is panic. It is slightly and sadistically funny to watch them panic and stress. But I also love trying to make them laugh a bit before the exam and put them at ease.

The whole point of proctoring is making sure they follow the rules, don't cheat, and to be a quiet witness of the exam taking process in the room. But that is what is hard for me...being quiet. Part of me wants to play music or videos to entertain myself, part of me wants to be purposefully obnoxious and do cardio step boxing in the corner, and part of me wants to cheer them on.

I will definitely be doing that on the one minute mark. Congratulating them on finishing their first last final of their first finals season.

On a side note, KW has not really gone into finals mode. He claims he "doesn't care anymore," which is so odd. He does everything 110% to the point of madness (on my part). At first I was concerned with this change of attitude but this morning he said, "it is nice putting some attention on you rather than my give it back!" Wow! never would have thought those words would come out of his mouth, esp. when he has one last final to go.

Need to pack and clean but hanging out with people is way more fun.

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Anonymous said...

I think it would be really hard for me not to make noise as well!! haha

amanda said...

kinda like when my 3rd graders were testing...totally want to cheer them on. not to mention help them find the right answers!

for the record i never did. but i cringed everytime they filled in the wrong bubble!

Anonymous said...

Glad Ken is giving you lots of attention. I have great hope for 3L year :)
Love, Cita

GranolaGirl said...

what a fun job!I can totally see you hamming it up in front of everyone to lighten the mood...

The Mrs. said...

glad your husband is relaxing a bit. I do believe that when flyboy starts to lighten up I'll have him checked out. I just cant imagine it happening.