Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Suspenders in Picture

Okay, so I sent Amanda pictures of the suspenders in question because she was skeptical and I was a little unsure of my choice.

Here are the pics. They are very bad and taken with my Mac photo booth in bad lighting as I was running back and forth trying to get the shot.

Pants-Navy Blue suit pants from Jcrew. extra long so I hemmed them into cuffs
Shirt-White 3/4 length sleeve shirt. It was fitted so it didn't look too manly
Shoes-Red patent pumps from JCrew. 4 in. wooden stack heel..the wood makes it less hooker more librarian for me.
Purse-Red Street Vendor purse from DC
Necklace-Red and blue beads
Suspenders in question-Stolen from Husband

I wish I had a red scarf or hat to complete the outfit in the Hepburn/Annie Hall way.

I changed into a blue short sleeve shirt with a star emblem later in the day after I spilled tomato soup on this shirt. The picture was taken at the end of the day after the shirt in question was saved by my dubious washing machine. Hence, the reason I look so haggard.

But what do you think?
Too much, too costumey, fun or stupid?


amanda said...

totally perfect!!

and i am not kidding - i want you to take me shopping!!

ps - love that you showed the world and not just me your suspender cuteness :)

McMommy said...

This is me, going wild with applause from my front row seat at Fashion Week:

Holy crap!!! You pulled off SUSPENDERS!!! So chic and you don't look like a farmer at all!!!

Curtis said...

Welcome to Chotchkie's. Can I take your order?

Yes, I'd like a round for the table, please. And an order of jalepeno poppers. Thanks.

You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don't you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair?

The Roaming Southerner said...

Yea, so I had bingo that night and flared it up for the most outrageous costume contest. Not going to lie. It was pretty sweet with my star t-shirt underneath.

The Office Space reference and Gallagher are the two reasons never to do stripes and suspenders.

The Mrs. said...

I couldnt pull it off but short of jeans and a plain tee shirt I dont pull much off. But you seem to look quite snazzy in the whole ensemble.

Erin said...

I wouldn't wear them, but you look great in them.

I am impressed by how thin you are! GO SISTA!

Mike Marshall said...

Eres muy bonita! Peace, Mike.

Anonymous said...

You're hot.
And I told your husband that when I saw him the other night in the library.
He agreed.


ms. mindless said...

it works, i don't think i could pull it off, but it works.

Liz said...

I love it! Good job!

Anonymous said...

P to the erfect. Love it. So Vogue, yet so...down the street.

Hussey said...

They are very bad and taken with my Mac photo booth in bad lighting as I was running back and forth trying to get the shot.