Tuesday, October 07, 2008

No Sleep Till...

No Sleep Till...DC.

So I was asked to go to a conference in DC for our school. Part of me going would be "driving" the van with students overnight to make it to the conference. The students in the van also happen to be some of my closest friends. Couple that with excitement to see Buffalo Betty (who is in DC and who I spooned for 2 nights), I did not get any sleep Thursday night. Nor on Friday night (partaking in DC nightlife till early in the morn')...nor on Saturday night (same thing).

Wow, I have never done all nighters or partied till closing the bar and yet I managed to accomplish both this weekend.

Needless to say, I took the day off yesterday to recoup and become less of a sleep deprived B!tch.

I am back, rested and refreshed...sort of.

So, who can tell me what my title is in reference to?

Yes this would be worth a CK point if I hadn't been a total blog-loser and not gotten the first CK challenge winner her present yet.

I wanted it to be awesome to celebrate the birth of the CK system, but nothing seems good enough. So I am on a quest to find something awesome in Chicago this weekend. And will be sending it to Adcock next week, I promise. Pinky swear...well, only don't take my pinky if I'm a little late, okay?

And then we will do some more CK trivia if anyone cares to.


amanda said...

remember i can't answer that question - i am winning last place :)

glad you had a fun weekend friend!

Ashley said...

Is it no sleep till Brooklyn? Beastie Boys?

Thats my guess

McMommy said...

I refuse to answer the question.


Because I am so mad that Adcock is your winner.

Did you NOT read my guest post where I was awarded 10,456 points?!

Clearly, you didn't.


Buffalo Betty said...

It was some of the best spooning I've ever done ;) Miss you much and loved getting to know your girls! Hope you're all caught up and avoid the tequila...

Adcock Circus said...

Too funny - I do believe Ashley is correct. I think I would much rather go to DC than Brooklyn to party the night away. But Chicago - one a my favorite places...have fun! And I will let you keep all your digits!!