Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Honeymoon v.2.0

So KW and I are taking a mini-honeymoon vacation this weekend. Okay not really.

For this trip, I am going to work a conference in Chicago for the school and since I can drive there easily, KW is coming along. We are hoping to see Wicked, eat some good food, walk around a ton, and see stuff. We've been to Chicago before but have enjoyed it more every time.

KW and I have taken a lot of mini-honeymoon vacations like this: work is paying part of it, so you have some schedule restraints or parents are paying for it, so you have family obligation restraints.

We have never had a vacation without one of these. Yes, even our honeymoon.

Wait, I haven't told you the story of our honeymoon yet? Oh, well, it is a doozie. But I will have to write a separate post on that later today.

Now, I do not want to come off complaining that we have gone to some really cool places for pretty cheap through both mine and KW's work.

But, OH, how I long for a vacation in which I do not pack a suit other than bathing. To not feel the pressure to perform for bosses, parents, friends, and rando family members. Where KW does not study and I do not complain. And KW and I find that perfect balance of sightseeing and relaxing (this will never happen: look forward to THE HORROR OF THE HONEYMOON, coming soon to this blog near you). In a sense, to be with just KW and me for an extended period of time.

This mini-vacation will not be this dream vacation, but we have not been on a vacation without family obligations since KW started school. We also have not been away just him and me without studying in a long time. Now, he is threatening to take his books along, but I am determined to mispack them.

If you guys have any suggestions for visiting Chicago, I would love to hear them.

Also, get ready for the worst honeymoon story ever. Okay, it is not the worst, no one died or was seriously injured...injured but not seriously.


amanda said...

yay for a weekend getaway!!

safe trip friend :)

and can't wait to hear the honeymoon story...

Susan said...

Chicago is the best city!! I was born there and all my family is from there. I would visit any of the museums, shop on Michigan Ave, and go to Navy Pier. There are tons of good restaurants, just depends on what kind of food you want!

Curtis said...

AE, email/call me about Chicago. I can give you some food/entertainment suggestions. Where are you staying?

Curtis said...

Also, if you want to pick up an awesome Chicago-related book, grab The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Great book for the'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely mispack the books! These law students sometimes need to be forced into having a good time. Hope you have an amazing weekend in Chicago!


Lonna said...

Good for people to know.