Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Honeymoon of Horrors, Part 1

***I caution this tale that I know people have had truly horrendous honeymoons: true famine, plague, pestilance, and death stuff, my tale does contain those things but in moderation that makes for a humorous tale...years later.***

I warned you that I would start this tale, so here it is:

Unlike many married couples, me and KW did not take our honeymoon right after the wedding day. No, what did we do right after the wedding day? Packed all of our belongings and moved 600 miles to Washington DC, where I started Graduate school the next day. We always said, we would take our honeymoon eventually. Probably the next summer. But summer came and went in a flurry of extra classes and extra jobs. Plus, we were just getting settled in, what is the hurry?

Fast forward a year after the wedding, KW is working for a man who does a lot of international travel and asked KW to help him organize a conference in Rome for the February after our one year anniversary. KW thought this would be the perfect opportunity for us to have our honeymoon. So we booked our arrival to Rome five days before his conference started, which gave us 8 days total in Italy.

To say we were excited is an understatement. We got one flight over for free and 4 nights of a really nice hotel(plus a few that his boss threw in).

So February of 2005 came upon us, and we could not have been more excited. We packed with meticulous care. We needed sightseeing clothes, going out clothes, work clothes, the works! I am not a light traveler usually, but I was determined to not go overboard. This would be the beginning of my undoing.


Wendi said...

Are you kidding me?
You had me at Rome and then...BAM!
Please wait for Part 2?
Not. funny.

Waiting with bated breath.

E said...

write soon! i'm dying to know what happens next!!

amanda said...

honey please!!

come on...

not funny.

part two please :)

The Mrs. said...

oooh im thinking of all that could go wrong.

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the rest !

Anonymous said...

Even though I've heard this story, I can't tell you how glad I got to this post today, when Part II is up. Patience is a virtue I just don't have.