Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Product of my Round up and yes, it is weedless

So here is some of the things I found on my journey out.

The Diaper Diaries: A link from Make Me Laugh Monday. I admit it, I put things that make me smile or chortle...but this...this made me laugh out loud multiple times.

A Boy, A Girl, A Pug: This makes me feel like I could obsess over my dog a little more before turning into THAT woman...you know the one that dresses her dogs in matching outfits to herself and calls her precious names. Oh crap, does a green harness and a green jacket count as matching? Does calling her Princess Poppyseed count as precious....I may already be there, people.

The non-boring musing of Cara Dee: Found at McMommy's blog, Cara Dee is a fun blogger who found my week spot: LOTS OF GREEN. She also introduced me to this: blog readability test

TV Reviews

It tells you at what level you are writing at. I'm okay with Junior High. Means I'm pretty reader friendly, right? I'm not looking to write a mensa blog.

Also from McMommy, I found Jimaie.Marie. Both her and McMommy showed the inside of their purses! Their purses, y'all?!?! The inner sanctum sanctorum. I'm contemplating such a highly risky maneuver...but a precursor cleaning may need to be done (Well, I guess taking everything out of my purse to photograph would constitute cleaning...very tricky, McMommy, trying to get me to clean without me knowing!)

This call to round up has been good for many reasons:
1.) Got to find some cool new blogs
2.) Saw some really creative post ideas that I will steal
3.) And some people that I had forgotten to bookmark as favorite sites came back and reminded themselves to me. Like The Ben Show! They are a great family that has gone through a foreign adoption process, adopted Ben from Vietnam, and are looking at adopting again.

Thanks for putting up with this exploration. There will probably be more later as I go in search ::INSERT LOUD BOOMING VOICE: FOR GREAT BLOGS OF THE UNIVERSE


Anonymous said...

Oh Cara is going to looooove that you tagged her on your blog. She may even send you a fruit basket. Good luck on your blog hunt journey.

MCmommy said...

I'm so excited that the Roundup is proving to be so successful!!

I was laughing about the purse part...you know, I definitely had reservations about opening that black hole of a purse. And it WAS pure trickery...because then afterwards, it was all nice and neat and clean! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the link!!

Leigh said...

very interesting. I am gonna check those out.