Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So I forgot to make sure my link to SappyChick's blog was working!
Now the link is working on the original post about my interview.
For good measure though, I will give you the straight link to the interview:

Go and check her site out...she has a picture of Downtown Greenville on her header!!! I can taste the Underground Coffee coffee right now. And the Blueridge Brewery calzones! drooooool.

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GranolaGirl said...

I love the interview! It just makes me miss you more though... My favorite quote is "scare me to celibacy". You crack me up, girl.

I'm glad to get a recommendation for 27 dresses. We watched Dan in Real Life and liked it.

I finished my 1st prototype for my shoe thingy and have been wearing it! i need to send it to you so you can try it out too. Will you help me come up with a clever name?

Love you and miss you!