Friday, January 11, 2008

The New Job

After my last post, some of you may be wondering what is this new job of yours? Well I'll tell ya!

After the debacle at my job last year, which is still so horrid I dare not share it with the world--it is like a war flashback...the trauma is too great, I volunteered at KW's law school in the development department just to get some university experience. Because there is a lovely Catch 22 situation involved in university hiring: you can't get a job at a university unless you have had a job at a university. And I really wanted to start working at a university because (for the most part) wherever KW drags me to next there will probably be a university around that is hiring.

During the spring I worked odd jobs that I didn't get paid for (interning, volunteering, unbenownst-to-me-free-babysitting) and then I lived at my parents house in the summer while KW was working in the ATL (more about my summer in the south to come which included a lot of ).

The nice director of development here at Ave was passing my resume along to all of other deans trying to get me a legit job in house. After weeks of interviews and updates by the Dean of Admissions, I finally got the job as Admissions and External Affairs Officer. Here is what the job includes:
*Traveling around the country for recruitment in the fall.
*writing news stories and press releases
*editing stories and publications
*developing communications between prospects,
admitted, and enrolled students
*some web design
*in house photographer
*and picking up the slack between the two departments

Now that might seem like a lot of different tasks, and they are and there are more. But here are some GREAT things about my job.

*I am learning a TON of new things I never would have dreamed
*My boss is super nice, the opposite of my last one
*I get to work with one of my best friends
*My office is a mile away from our apartment
*Ken and I commute together
*AND I get to see him whenever I want (when he's not in class!)

There is a lot more, but I really like this job. It is not perfect but it is close.

Oh and I forgot one of the best things: I get the summers off to be travel with KW!

To see some of my work you can click here


Mers said...

WAlex! Please say that I'm the "best friend". Pllleeezzzzz!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Yes, Mers. You are.