Friday, January 11, 2008

Missin' a Bestie

I have made some amazing friends throughout my life: high school, college, DC, and here. And I am sure that many of you will understand that every once in awhile you just miss someone. And I am having that.

I am missing one of my best friends from college, my cosmic big sister, and always a friend of honor:

Pea is a great friend and mother of two awesome kiddos (and I'm sure her husband isn't going to complain!) here is some fun stories about my bestie:

*We met at Furman while playing on the Ultimate Frisbee Team (She was there as a serious athlete, I was there to meet cute boys)
*She is the sole reason I got in and wanted to stay in our sorority
*The minute we met I thought, "Wow, she is awesome. I need to be her friend." She had no choice
*I was there when she started dating her husband and watched him woo her head over heals
*She was the one to put my hair in a ponytail when I was in a cast. No one else will do
*She runs like a double flagalated cell. And that is fast so don't mess with her
*She is my role model and I truly think she was the oldest sister I was always meant to have.
*One of my worst memories of her is almost screaming when she was swing dancing with her hubs and she looked like she was going to hit her head on the floor. (I still cringe)
There are so many memories that I could put on here. But I just wanted to let her know that though we do not get to talk as much, see each other hardly at all...we have a bond, a connection...and I am lucky to have it and her!


GranolaGirl said...

you are too sweet... now I'm all weepy and nostalgic. I miss you too, girlfriend. I love that we were both thinking of each other last night. I miss your silliness and laughter... you are truly one in a million!

and have I told you lately that you have great style? I miss that too

This Military Mama said...

Congrats! You won my 'Desperate Cry' contest!

Thanks so much for the music tips! I love Dido and I have no idea why I didn't think of her before!

Just shoot me an e-mail [] with your address and I will be shipping you your $15 iTunes gift card!

I love this post! It's such a blessing to have true and awesome friends in your life.

Thanks again!

Erin said...

Another reason living away is so hard. It is just plain stinky sometimes! I miss my friends, too.

Hopefully you can get a nice trip back home soon!