Friday, February 05, 2010

Pictures of Cdubs

the night before Dad leaves.

you can tell her thoughts about the situation.

check out my boots! This picture was taken before feeding so explains the face. She doesn't scream THAT MUCH, I swear.

And that giraffe just said something mean to her...I won't repeat it...but he deserved the tongue lashing he's getting.

One of my favs. She is sporting the newest in infant fashion-the snugglie-turned toga look. It is very hard to pull off.

And she knows she does.

showing off her new hat and gloves for Austria. The accessories say "i'm cute and preppy" the look on her face says, "sup, bitch."

Lovin' the new hat.


Erin said...

u r too funny

amanda said...

beyond precious friend!

The Mrs. said...

she is adorable! those boots are too cute. you can get away with that stuff with girls... on my boys... never. sigh. {ha! now that I think about it you have to pay for a wedding!} : )

Vanessa said...

She's too cute for words! I love the hat and mittens too!

GranolaGirl said...

A, she is beautiful/precious/adorable! I love all the new pictures. I'll text you the one I took of her too-- it's a good one :-)
And you are hilarious. She is one lucky girl.

Buffalo Betty said...

Heart heart heart the giraffe picture!!!

She's got the prep street cred down. Perhaps the family needs to be expanded to include CDawg...

Cita Online said...

blogging = the new baby book.

She's adorable :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! I guess we'll be hearing from you in Austria next.