Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First of many freak outs

I have discussed my paranoia on here before. here. here. and here.

And I know that having a baby would not help that, but I was not prepared for what happened today.
I have started going out with just me and Cdubs in the car. I thought I would invest in those rearview mirror things because I didn't think it would be worthwhile for our short while here.

But with a few roadtrips in our future, I broke down and bought one. It is great and has a beanbag weight on the mirror so you can easily move it from one car to another.

plus it is a monkey!

So the first day I went out with the mirror and baby in tow. I went to adjust the mirror to see the baby and saw an arm reaching out from behind the car seat!!! There was a person in the car about to grab the baby!!!!!

I looked back and realized that I was in a car not a truck...there was no where for a person to be behind the baby like in my SUV...
I looked back in the rearview mirror and went to straighten my hair like I did before and noticed the arm in the mirror again.

The facing mirrors had created the infinity mirror effect causing me to see the back of my arms. I am an idiot. And paranoid.
I am a paranoid idiot.

Cdubs has no hope of having a normal mother. (again, Holy CRAP I'm someone's MOM!--when does it stop being a shocking statement?)


.jimaie.marie. said...

ahahahah!! this post = HILARIOUS!! But mostly so b/c I've had equally ridiculous moments of freak out, no worries, it's normal ;)

Cita Online said...

hahahahahaha. That's too funny - your daughter is lucky to have you. Who wants a normal mother anyways?

amanda said...

oh friend - you are sooo right! the first of many mommy freak outs :)

kelly said...

you poor lady!! This reminds me of the other day when I started freaking out in my car because I couldn't find my phone - my mom, who I was talking to ON MY PHONE at that moment - reminded me that I hadn't lost my phone... just my MIND! CDubs is SO SWEET

Krystyn said...

Doesn't being sleep deprived play a number on your brain? It totally did for me.

And, I've done the exact same thing with my mirror, too.

Terri said...

The weeone is almost 8 and I am still SHOCKED that I am someone's mom. Maybe because in my head I'm still like 23 years old even though my body obviously says otherwise. It's odd - the being responsible for another living being. It's cool though, so you do adapt. But it's always a little bit shocking.