Saturday, January 23, 2010

Punk Rock Baby

Top: Queen "we are the champions" onesie from Target
Bottoms: heart polka dot leggings
Socks: Red converse shoe-socks

Picking an outfit that irritates my mother: Priceless


McMommy said...

I LOVE THAT CHILD!!!! Seriously, they make Converse socks?! I'm in love with the punk look for kids. p.s. Stop making me want a third. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

Cita Online said...

This is amazing!! Must be so fun to play dress up with your own little live doll! Double the shopping fun.

Krystyn said...

The punk rock look is awesome...and double fun that it makes your mom mad!

Buffalo Betty said...

Can this become a regular installment? Laundry Day Looks?