Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A month with Cdubs

Cdubs is now almost 6 weeks old!

And here are some happenings in her life so far:

Nursing has finally gotten easier. I could write a whole post on the turmoil of the first few weeks of nursing, but I am actually liking it now and thanking God that she is a great nurser.

She came in at just under 11 lbs at her one month well visit. She is very long, especially in the torso (just like her mom!).
Our pediatrician also 'recommended' that we start getting her to sleep through the night (aka stop the night feeding).

It has been an adventure. The first few nights, she slept from 12-5 or 6 but then she started to try and sleep earlier (10 or 11) and waking up earlier. She is still making it around 5 hours at a stretch, which is great! But we want to instill good sleeping habits as well. Her ped said that at her weight her kidneys and system can stay in "fast" mode for seven hoping for 6 is not a big deal. But it feels like a big deal. We are also letting her cry herself to sleep a bit (she cries for 5 minutes or so and then we comfort her and put her down--usually she is calm and sleeps pleasantly after one or two comfort sessions.

She is getting more and more alert, more smiley, and just more fun!

We also survived our first couple of nights without Kdubs, while he was in California. It was hard not having someone to pass the baby off to every once in awhile. He is leaving for Vienna on Sunday, and we do not know when I am going. So it could be a month or so until we see him. I hate thinking about it.

But this sweet baby makes a lot of things worth it.


Red and White Preppy said...

Where on earth have I been? I love the pictures, and I am in love with C-dubs. I could just smoosh her lil face off :) I'm glad things are going more smoothly for you!

Cita Online said...

So glad she's nursing and sleeping well!! Will be praying for you lots and lots with Kdubs leaving...

And begging for new pictures of 6 week old Cdubs :-)

Erin said...

Ah the adventures of mommy hood! :) I wouldn't trade them for the world, but boy sometimes it is hard!

Glad nursing is going well for you, too! I, like you, had a hard time the first few weeks. I am glad they are over, and am enjoying nursing as well.

Em goes for her 2 month appt on Monday. I am guessing she is at least 14lbs! She is a chunk!

Buffalo Betty said...

Call me anytime!