Friday, December 05, 2008

Style Fyle: Fashion Potholes

Tonight, my friend and I are playing "What not to Wear" with her closet. We are going to clean out her closet of things that don't fit well, are out of style or just aren't necessary. And then make a list of things that she should start looking for.

In preparation for the big event, I have been thinking about what are my crucial pieces of wardrobe.

Any good pop culture-diva worth her salt knows about Tim Gunn and his Essential List. So I am not going to over extol the virtues of black pants, white button down shirt, and black boots: you need 'em, get 'em, go quality if you can.

However, I do think it is a good thing to find a style that suits you. That make up your sense of style.
***I want to preface this by saying that only a few years ago my style was jeans and t-shirts. But thankfully I am the only girl to a mother who loves to play dress up, so I benefit from her hand me downs or shopping sprees. It is only within the last few years that I have been really finding what I like to/should wear***

So even if your style is casual and comfortable, I find that it is best to get pieces that flatter you and getting dressed in the morning is easier and faster (which means more sleep time!). If you know the majority of the things that you have look good on you, then it is harder to look bad. Now, that being said, it is easy to fall into certain potholes. I am hoping to explore in future posts certain potholes that everyone falls into fashion-wise. I know some that come to mind: Chunky shoes, being too matchy-match, ill-fitting clothes, following a trend that does your body shape no good. I have done these all and I am sure to fall into many more fashion potholes...

What are some fashion trends or potholes you would tell someone to steer clear of? or ones that you have fallen into yourself? If you have pictures, please share! Just know that I have many pictures documenting my fashion falls, but I delete almost all pictures of me as soon as I see them! It is a habit I picked up of my mother. I come by my neurosis honestly.


Krystyn said...

Yeah, I'm not sending pictures...just go look at my blog!

Would you like to "roam" down to Georgia and help with my closet? The problem is, there are no funds to replace said ugly clothes, and my mom doesn't like to play dress up.

In fact, I have ONE pair of pants that fit me for church/going out after the kiddo!

Yes, feel sorry for me!

Kate said...

I have really been trying to follow tips like these. I try to buy what looks most flattering and multiples of things I really love (that I will get good use out of). I think buying for your body type is the best advice!

McMommy said...

Stay away from Z. Cavarrichis and Doc Martens.

Yes, I was a victim of both back in the day. No, I do not wish to share pictures.

The Mrs. said...

I am in the jeans and tee shirt rut. Now I will say I dont wear tee shirt with words I wear solid color tees from like the GAP or something really does that change it much. I'm just in the mom rut and I dont know how to get out. I feel like a ninny dressing up to go to mcdonalds play yard, lets face it, my life has left the dress up stage.