Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Extreme Blog Makeover: Audience Participation Edition

Leave it to McMommy to give me a great idea.
In the comments of the construction post, she started making "furniture requests." And since I am indecisive at best and lazy at worse, I would love to hear what you all would recommend for my old blog.

Think of it as watching HGTV and the people actually doing what you are yelling at them!

Although I worked my ass off on the banner (and learned a lot of new fun tricks!), K-dubs thought it wasn't as good as the one before. It is different, but I think it is his love of black and white photography and his hatred of change that makes him rebel against the new header.

So here are some "theme and color" (name that movie) ideas:

-Traveling/moving (we are getting ready to move again in 6 months)
-vintage ads (I love them and have them all over my house and office)
-and I am thinking of some old TV show amalgam (I may mock up something by the end of the day and have you all see what I am talking about).

I am open to ideas and would love to hear them. Do you have an application that you love (like Twitter, Shelfari, etc)? Do you see things on this blog or others that you hate!?!


Jenny said...

OK. I agree with your husband...the other was better. Sorry. :) I mean it with only kindness. I can totally relate to your complaints about working hard on the banner and feeling it was a futile effort. I'm in a similar process, but it may also mean a relocation...My youngest fans (students) have discovered me. I may need to go into hiding. Anyhow -- stop rambling, I know. I like all your ideas! I think the vintage themes are cool and would go nicely with your title. Have you tried scrapblog.com for your banner? They have a wide variety of themes readymade. Worth a look-see.

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage idea... combined with the traveling/moving. Do you have any pictures from the Honeymoon from Hell that could provide inspiration for a vintage-y design?

You did such a great job with McMommy's blog - I'm sure yours will be wonderful, too. :)

Love, Cita

P.S. Major congratulations on the weight loss - and for not gaining weight over Thanksgiving too!

McMommy said...

I just want you to know...I'll be back with ideas.

They are marinating right now in my brain...I'll be back when they are done.

the ben show said...

I have no suggestions, except to say I"m wicked impressed that you did that yourself!

Elizabeth said...

I gotta agree with Ken on this one too... the other one has a more welcoming yet adventurous feel to it. You did a great job with the graphics on this one though! Maybe if you had a different backdrop than just the solid tan color? Go girl!!

MommyTime said...

I LOVE vintage ads, so I know why you are so drawn to them. But I think the reason the other one was initially more appealing is that it was easier to read: this one has so many layers of words with your blog title over the words on the travel stickers that it's a little confusing to the eye. How about taking the awesome suitcase graphic and ghosting it out, much bigger, so that it becomes the background for the rest (the size of your greenish rectangle). If it's at 30% or 40%, it will be enough less saturated than the rest that it won't distract the eye so much -- and it will be a cool traveling background. Then you can play with placement of the other travel stickers and your title so their words don't jostle each other so much? I don't know...just a thought. I love this theme, though... And I'm seriously impressed that you can do this yourself.

the ben show said...

Oooh, I dig the header!