Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing the Photo Album game

All the Mom Bloggers are playing it, so you know I'm game.

You take your sixth photo from your sixth album and talk about it.

Well, it just so happens that I had pictures from another Meme that someone else held ages ago and I forgot to participate.
It was show us your house, your junk drawer, your fav. jewelry, the place you blog:

So here is my every day jewelry: No earrings, no bracelet, wedding and engagement ring and my bean necklace. Please notice the pox, probably why this never got published.

I wear the bean necklace every day now, but I used to wear this:

This is the La Primavera cross, which the description says "combines Christian symbols with those of spring to express feelings of hope and love. The dove in the center of the cross is a sign of God's reconciliation with man, based on the story of Noah's Ark found in Genesis. It is also a symbol of purity and peace. The Ichthus at the very bottom of the cross is an ancient symbol for Christ, and the leaves, flower, and the sun on the arms and at the top of the cross relate to the warmth and new life of spring. The name, La Primavera, is Spanish for "the season of spring"."
I thought it was pretty and bought it for myself when I was 17. An acquaintance had received it as a gift from her sister, and I thought it was so pretty that I bought it for myself. It was the first piece of non-cartoon jewelry that I bought myself and I love it for that. My acquaintance didn't like it that I just bought her "special sister necklace," but I was happy to do something on my own, it didn't matter. (Yes, I was very sheltered and at 17 I got a taste of making my own decisions for the first time: getting my hair cut without my mom's approval, buying clothes or jewelry without her approval...having a car really does mean freedom at that age, huh? And now I just hope the car I have doesn't break down.)

Tangent over: The bean necklace is actually a gift from "my brothers" when I graduated high school. I say "my brothers" because my mom obviously picked it out and put their name on the card. This was made evident when Bo said, "hey what did we give you?" and Chops said, "Man, that is nice..we picked out something great...Thanks mom!" Still, it did its job, every time I wear it...I think of them. My mom said she picked the bean because my family calls me Binky...Bean-key. Silly family.

Still I love both of them and I think they will always be my stand-bys.
What is your favorite jewelry? Or do you want to play the photo album meme?


Erin said...

My favorite jewelry is my wedding ring. Hmm, my sixth photo album and the sixth picture is of Luke eating carrots. I'm thinking that is too boring!

Have a great day.

the ben show said...

More signs we're dops - I have that identical james avery la primavera cross... SCARY!!!!