Friday, November 07, 2008

iPhoto Silliness

So, K-dubs says I don't have enough pictures in my here is nothing but a bunch of backlog pictures from my iPhoto booth:

A pic that I sent K-Dubs from my trip to Florida last year.

Me, jeering my Gator loving friend

K-dubs in his new glasses--man, I think he is good looking in those.

Me, being silly

family portrait


Anonymous said...


McMommy said...

Ooh! I love this I-photo booth! Do more posts like these. K-Dubs was right. Photos are fun.

Erin said...

You are very cute!

GranolaGirl said...

You are SO beautiful! I love love love you hair... I might have to take that first pic with me next time I get my cut.

(said) gator loving friend said...

LOVE that the "Georgia" comes across backwards... kinda like the "K" rhinestone tattoo in Mean Girls. Miss you much.