Wednesday, May 28, 2008

People and Places

What is a girl to do with a camera around? TAKE PICTURES:

Here are some pictures of my peeps celebrating (Trying, I don't know if celebrating is the right term...please don't yell at me!) Memorial Day.

Mers, our hostess. She thinks she looks pissy, but I think she looks normal...what does that say? (She is my nearest: works, lives, and plays with me, so we treat each other like that, okay?)

(JCPF, a great friend, who hates his picture being taken...since I just did his engagement pictures, he is not terribly amused).

The Cita, JCPF's fiance....playing a board game next to me.

The Cita Bling

My main man...studly as usual.

These I took at the office. Why? oh, I'm so glad you asked?!?! Because I wanted to figure out the timer and I final cleaned my desk...yes that is clean, shut up.
Me, working hard for my money (unh-uh, uhn-uh)

Showing my love/addiction for the nectar of the gods.

Checking in-05.27.08
The Good-Stayed within my points while eating out (Breakfast at a cafe, Sushi for dinner and coldstone for dessert)
The Bad-skated on thin ice for those points.
The Sweaty-played with Wii Fit a bit with K-Ree and Tom but spent most of my time building KW's Mii. He is so cute even in digital form! (stupid Wii told me I have gained weight--but that was after Coldstone-Fatfree sweat cream and 1 oreo-4 pts.)


amanda said...

tee hee snort..

the good, the bad and the sweaty!!

u crack me up friend :)

trying said...

its ok to use the term celebrating, I wont yell at you. A nice way to think about memorial day is to think that what use are our freedoms that so many have fought and died for if we do not enjoy them. But an excuse for a furniture sale it is not.

lets see ill do my good bad and sweaty now...

the good- lost a pound I gained over the time at the inlaws (if i didnt eat i would have killed someone)

the bad- was so desperate for anything sweet that I actually ate chocolate syrup off a spoon. sigh. and a lot of it.

the sweaty- I've been hitting the treadmill after the boys go to sleep and its almost becoming habit.

3boys247 said...

The good: The boys finished the ice cream before I could get any.

The bad: I had a couple glasses of wine, it was the last day of school after all.

Leigh said...

the good-salsa
the bad-chips with the salsa
the sweaty-non existant today. (frown)

dont you call me a loser.

Loved the pics!