Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My dark and inner beast

Since I have found, sought out, and befriended Tori at Red&White Preppy, I have seen a dark and inner beast that lies beneath my heart and soul.

This beast has a name, but it must not be spoken.

It is shiny, girly, expensive, beautiful and PREPPY!

Since patrolling R&W Preppy (who you have to ask to see, but she is a cool chick--she'll probably invite. Heck she let me in!), I have found some amazing sites:

Barefoot in the park: Not only is she super sassy...her mom owns a company with a logo that says "Celebrate the South: Y'all Spoken Here." I'm ordering a dozen. I loves it!

BlingBling and Southern Swing: She is a southern gal going through college and just reminds me of all my lovely friends and sorority sisters at Furman. Plus she posts drool worthy clothing pics.

Countdown to Wedded Bliss: She is going through all the rigamarole of getting married in the south. And that means beautiful showers, fun dresses, and all the wedding details. She shares them all and it makes me wish I had my blog during that time. What a great way to document the stuff that you forget so easily in the rush to the alter. Plus she passes on some great recipes

And the worst of all, Adventures of a Southern Newlywed: Not only is her blog the most beautiful design of green, but she has some great pictures of clothes that I! NEED TO HAVE! And she shares my love of Vera.

***Updated...I found this three seconds after rereading some Red&White goodness...and I am in LOVE. Look at the blog background...look at her adorable shorts that she found! I don't wear shorts, but I might if they were that cute! And the name of the blog: Houndstooth and Nail. How clever is she? I'm in awe.

All of these women (and more that I have yet to peruse in full) have a great love of preppy clothes ala JCrew, the Republic, etc. They make me embrace my full girlie side, which is scary and wears skirts and heels. I always said I would never be one of those girls...but pass the monogrammed bags and Lily dresses.

But all of this beauty comes at a cost...1.) the letting go of my tomboy ways and 2.) the cost of costly beautiful clothes, and costly is not my friend at the moment.

So enjoy these girls blogs, while my husband has to hear my moans of wanting more shoes, bags, and clothes. (being the sweet husband he is, he usually says yes knowing that I will go into a shame spiral and probably will not get it. he is tricky that way)


Lauren said...

You just captured my thoughts exactly! Everyone is always posting about such cute things. If I bought everything that caught my eye I would be broke for sure!

I am glad you and I found each other through Red and White Preppy! It has been fun reading about you! I have really enjoyed getting to know all these other girls through blogger. Everyone is so sweet.

Enjoy your week!

amanda said...

oh no!! just when i think my blog roll is full, you send me out to meet new people!!

thanks for always sharing fellow bbf :)

i must now go mingle!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you are so sweet! I know, I am so addicted too! My blog reader is basically my life now, along with online shopping (or drooling) that is! Love your blog too :)

Barefoot in the Park said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm enjoying my blog friends very much!

trying said...

oooh i love new blogs! sigh i love preppy clothes but ill admit im stuck in mommy mode. so i've taken to pushing the preppy off on my kids! works for me.

i shall live vicariously thru these sites!

Red and White Preppy said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I love blogging friends, and I truly love your blog :)

Leigh said...

Thanks for the leads!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

isn't blogging can still feel connected with your roots even though you're so many miles away! :-)

McMommy said...

So I went blog hopping through your post to some of the ones you mentioned...then clicked on some blogs THEY had on their site...blah, blah, make a long story even longer...

I found the blog "What Would Kate Gosselin Do?"!!!

I love blog hopping...just like I love Kate Gosselin.

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Leigh said...

on the red and white one, with author approval...i didnt see where to "ask the author for approval" place. How did you>

Meredith said...

AHHH!! Thanks for the shout out!! :) I love your blog! :)

Erin said... who is slacking on their blog posts????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new blog leads! It's always fun to find new blogs (although I spend way too much time reading them).