Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Best Friend Bloggy Awards

So those who have read this blog for awhile will know two things about me (okay, a LOT more but two specific):
1.) I love to play with my photoshop
2.) I love to read McMommy's blog

McMommy said she was best bloggy friends with certain people she had met through the blogosphere and even made a casual reference to wishing to have an award to give out to her BBF.

So what did I do? Yup, I created some for her.

For one thing, you know I gotta challenge myself to see if it can be done. (I have a few more I'll show you later this week). For another, I have "met" some really cool people on this blog of mine and would like to recognize them. Now this is not the Best Blogs of the Universe game that I will be running soon. (Still working on that graphic.)) And for a third, I love McMommy's color scheme (insert Frank Egglehoffer's voice -ala Martin Short- from Father of the Bride "I ahm tinking ov da tame and cohlour of dee wedding")...the colors of her blog are fun to work with and will have to figure out how to change Ave's colors to something more like them.

So on to My Best Bloggy Friend award acceptance speech that McMommy asked for:

Oh, McMommy, thank you thank you for this glorious honor. I do feel that I received because I made it, and I should feel shame, guilt, or remorse. But I don't! I love that I have "met" you and your friends and love love love reading all about your shenanigans. I shall display this award proudly.

Now on to giving my Be Frie jewelry (and McMommy is right, the Be Frie is the best half and I know many of best friends dissolve over who would get the BE FRIE and who would get the ST NDS...I am a grown up now and can give the better half to my true blue bloggity friends):

Of course, Erin gets a BE FRIE cause she was one of my first blog friends who I really didn't know in real life. I'm obsessed with her blogroll and her blog in general. As I have spouted off her virtues here, here, and here to name a few. But she is a loyal commenter and is just plain cool.

Next is Leigh, who not only shares a name (her first, my middle-spelled the way it ought to be spelled thankuverimuch!) but also shares my love of Marlee Matlin, shaking her groove thang, taking awesome pictures, and loving all things southern!

While I can't really give Pea a bloggy best friend award cause she is one of my real life bestie's, I do want to take this time to say how glad I am that she blogs so I can keep updated on her and her family.

So there you go, I have bloggy best friends and we have the jewelry to prove it. But I'm sure I have room in my blogging heart for more! (PST! be my friend!! she cries in desperation)


amanda said...

as a fellow bbf bling winner - i first must ask who are you wearing? and of course congrats!! you totally deserve it :)

seriously you have mad photoshop skills!!

Leigh said...

(Jumping up and down...but not as manic as Tom Cruise) I am sooo excited. An award! I am so touched, so moved, so downright gleeful. Thank you so much.
In all honesty, I think YOUR blog RAWKS! It's always fun to comeon over, have a cup of hot tea and chat amongst ourselves, ain't it?

Thank ya mam! Why, thank ya!

Oh-and My middle name is Leigh too! (First is Jennifer, but have always ogne by Leigh) so even one more thing we have in common.

And girl, I'd give that award right back to ya. I feel the same way about you, my dear.

Thanks again! SMILE!

Leigh said...

Oh-BTW-If your TV was stuck on one channel, which one would you want it to be?

I picked other-I'd say TLC, HGTV would be a close second though...

MCmommy said...

Listen missy, if you really think you only got this award because you created it, you are sorely mistaken! You had me from your very first comment...when we would have a meme pronounciation revolution! :)

Love you, love your blog, and can't wait to check out YOUR BBFs!

MCmommy said...

p.s. I just saw what you wrote about me on the side bar...DYING LAUGHING OVER HERE! "Funnier than McLovin and cooler than McDreamy" That is going to be my new tag line!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again...you are a creative genius!

My Random Xpressions said...

I Love the award....and your blog.
I actually have my half of a pendant like that from NINTH GRADE!!! Leigh and McMommy are GREAT!!!

Erin said...

Thanks so much!!!!!

trying said...

you are very handy with photo shop! I cant even figure out how to open mine, ok i can open it but it ends there!

its great that you have such wonderful friends, it makes the world (even the blog world) a much nicer place.

Quirky said...

Nice to meet you Roaming Southerner! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like we're two birds of feather, being all Southern and all. I'll be back to read more of you later.