Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Engagement Musts: Parental Pow Wow

So one thing on every engaged couple's must do list is for both sets of parents to meet.

Now unless you've known each other in Huggies or maybe braces, chances are that your parents have never met your fiance's parents. This is an interesting dichotomy of the getting ready to unite two people: even though each of these couples birthed and formed a person who would be form a "perfect union," these two sets of couples are typically not very similar.

While my parents and KW's parents are seemingly alike on paper: Catholic, conservative, pro-life...they are very different in ideals, parenting styles, and personalities. KW had both sets of families waiting for us after he proposed, so we missed that awkward "set up a meeting with parents" event.

My brother, who is recently engaged, did have to go through this.

When my parents met KW's parents my dad did his thang: made sarcastic remarks about KW's dad (note to dad: lawyer jokes are not good to LAWYERS!), poked fun of the little brother, and bet his little sister to eat cake without forks.

What is y'all's Parental meeting of the minds? Please share your story. I will share the highlights in a separate post with my brother's story, which is awesome and embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I would need pages to explain the first meeting of my parents (commercial contractor and aerobics instructor, both members of the NRA and subscribers to Natl. Review) and hubs' parents (work for the church, into social justics, anti-gun, non-cussing!). Too funny! Try coaching your dad on how to have a conversation without cussing like a sailor!

trying said...

oh i hated having the parents meet. and to this day i still hate the mixing of families. flyboy and i like to keep things seperate for our own well being. he feels that getting shot at is enough excitement in life. i tend to agree.

my parents are church going people, very conservative, talk show listening people, my dad is very quiet (he's known to say i dont like stupid people) my mother is very brash and loud. my inlaws are the opposite, my father in law is so loud and thinks the world revolves around him (how that is possible when it simultaniously revolves around my sil i dont know), they are *gasp* liberals (flyboy IS NOT), and havent been to church in decades. oh the meeting didnt go awful but i wouldnt say it went swimmingly either. how awful is this... we havent had dash-2 baptized yet because we dont want to do another get together. sigh. we are going to hell.

Lauren said...

I just found your blog through Red and White Preppy's. I am looking forward to reading more! Have a nice day!

Meredith said...

I just found your blog through Red and White Preppy. :) I am enjoying the read!

My parents met my fiance's parents at my fiance's graduation. It was great actually and they seemed to click well. We were not engaged at the time but it was obvious even at that point that thats where it was headed. We all hung out at my house, went to graduation and then dinner, and then back to my house for some cake! They all seemed to get along well and now our moms enjoy chatting on the phone for hours about wedding stuff :)

Barefoot in the Park said...

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