Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update!!! Chicken Spinach Spaghetti

Okay, so I promised a report and pictures...here they are:

Here is the final product on my semi-fancy "china." It's not plastic so you know I am stepping it up for the photogs!

It was a great dish to make on a crazy and lazy Sunday afternoon. If you remember from Notes' notes, you just put the chicken in the bottom of the crockpot (I follow the Emeril rule of cooking...every step deserves some flavor...so I salt and peppered them lightly for me.) You cover the boobs (my mom always called them chicken boobs) with dijon mustard and then stuff the rest of the crock pot with fresh washed spinach. I used baby spinach (i'm not sure if that made a difference but it was a little more spinachy that Notes' seemed to be).

The other things I did differently from Notes is that I added red pepper flake and garlic to the chicken mixture while it cooked. I also had to help the chicken flake a little more than I thought I would. I used the balsamic vinegar and mushrooms with the tomato mixture and penne instead of spaghetti noodles.

Overall it was okay. It was a little bland...I tried to fix it but I think it just came out a little "flavor muddled." But as usual cheese helped!

While I might not make this exact recipe again, I am not fully intrigued with crock pot chicken. My family always used beef or pork in the c-pot. So maybe I'll have to try another thing tonight. I also am very willing to try out more Note's Recipes.

In the pot!

With the tomato mixture!
Please ignore the messy kitchen!


SappyChick said...

Wow... that looks good. I'd love to make that at home, but hubby doesn't do anything green, so... oh well.

Speaking of crock pots, when I make chicken salad, put the chicken "boobs" (heh) in the crock pot, pour in enough chicken broth to cover the "boobs"(giggity), and then cook them at least 8 hours on low. I also thrown in the flavoring: salt, pepper, a little garlic, some rosemary. Then when the meat is done, I put it in a large bowl with a health dose of Duke's mayo (because I'm in SC, ya know), and the chicken just pulls apart like cotton.

It makes an excellent sandwich. Even my husband loves it!

And, unfortunately, you'll interview the next person who comments on Neil's list. I'll be the one interviewing you! :-)

But, feel free to be nosy and ask me a few questions anytime. I love a good chat!

my wonderful men... said...

This looks so good! Could you some how send it over night. I'm not joking. I'm so tried and hungry right now, you are killing me. Alright where is the paper towel to clean up the droooool.

Brandon & April said...

So sad it was okay because, the very first picture had my mouth watering!! I love trying new things though!

Leigh said...

Looks delis...The one on the stove looks moister. But both look yummy!

Ashley said...

I agree with "Brandon and April" becasue the first picture makes my mouth water. My husband might actually like it because he says I flavor food "too" much. My response: I'm a sassy girl and like sassy food!

Robin said...

What messy kitchen? ;)

(I'm craving "real food" now and I haven't even had breakfast! Oh, the power of suggestion!)