Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Round up Y'all

Amber pointed out at her blog: there is a lack of wanting to post when the comments aren't forth coming. I know that is true but yet I have been a posting machine lately. Notice below ::graceful Vanna White hand gesture sweeping you to the bottom of the screen...and then back up::...stay focused people!

I have posted and new commenters have poked their head out of the ground and said hello, but old ones have left me for greener blogs. (Seriously, if I could get my blog more green (the color not the movement) you'd be looking at the insides of a leprechaun...I wouldn't do that to y'all. But I do love green that much.)

So to find some new people and to see who is out there...I'm going on a round up.

I'm going to post comments where I've never posted before.

Bring me your popular, your new, your weird, and fun blogs...I will comment...I will persevere.

I will also be posting some of the new blogs I've found. If you have any good directions for me to head off in, please let me know. As we have established before...I get lost getting out of a paper sack.


Leigh said...

I agree with Amber. When you post and get nothing, it is like getting nothing but bills in a mailbox
but with comments (which you do so kindly lovely southerner-you lift me up high!!) it is like getting GOOD mail, ie: cards from friends, coupons you will use, $$. It is such a high. Like sally said,
They like me, they really like me" no comments....I hear, "MAN ! YOU SUCK!"

This is why I adroe you lovely southern, not only a belle like myself, but a commentor. Love YA! I do, hon, I do.

The Ben Show said...

You crack me up. I'm adding a link to your blog on our blog so I can remember to keep checking in... And yes, I'll be commenting!

Smike said...


Anonymous said...

Go Southerner, go Southerner! It's ya birthday, it's ya birthday!

Seriously, girl . . . you rock! Have fun commenting up a storm. I can't wait to see what you find.

Erin said...

Sure, move on, and forget about me! :( I guess I am no longer cool, eh?!?!?

Let me know if you find any good ones!

MCmommy said...

You can add me to your fan club!

Guess what? Tag, you're it! head over to my blog to see what game I've signed you up for! I'll give you a clue...we still haven't figured out how to pronounce it :)

amanda said...

if mcmommy says your cool - then i want to be a part of your coolness too :)

nice to meet you!!