Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Somebody!--UPDATE WITH A LINK!

**** The DUDE, Neil, so graciously reminded me that my link to Sappy Chick isn't working! How dopey amd I. Go over, read, and say hi!****So this dude named Neil is conducting THE GREAT EXPERIMENTover at Citizen of the Month. I skimmed through a lot of the finer points... becase that is what I do. So I think that THE GREAT EXPERIMENT is something like this:

take the genes of a wait...other experiment...If you are somebody in the blog world you are on lots of people blogrolls, people leave 72 comments for a nothing post, and you get lots of bloggy awards...people want to ask you questions and know your inner thoughts...Neil's experiment makes EVERYBODY a SOMEBODY. You go to his blog, leave a comment and the person ahead of you gets to ask you a lot of questions. The cool thing is that you are guarenteed one more reader and someone who will act mildly interested in you.

It just so happens that my interviewer was from the great Palmetto State that my hubs and my alma mater hail from: South Kahkalaki. You can read my interview over there, but here are some snippets:

7. So being a southern girl, what’s your reaction when you get the “Oh, I LOVE your accent!”? Have you lost any of the drawl living up north?
Sadly, I’ve never had a thick accent. My mom worked hard to lose hers when she moved from (what she terms) “the armpit of the South” and my dad grew up in ATL…now that being said…my accent comes out crazy for two things: talking about Southern things or food. When my friends with southern accents talk, I start slinging the lingo full force. I start preaching to yankees about “FrIEd Peeckls” or the allure of “Geohrgah Rehd ClaAy.” They say my southern is showing. The weirdest thing is southern phrases I never new were southern. Like my favorite: “I get lost trying to get out of a paper sack.” Someone said, what is a paper sack? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN PAPER SACK TO A YANKEE? Grocery bag.

Read it and weep people, I am somebody...I feel validated::Picture me waving to all the cheering adoring fans::


trying said...

you ARE somebody, experiment or no experiment. : )

have a great weekend!

Amber said...

You are tooooo funny. And I wasn't waving, I was clapping. :-)

I did the experiment a looong time ago. Good to see it's still alive and well!

Neil said...

Hi there, I was all excited to read your full, but can't find the link to the interviewer's blog!