Tuesday, March 04, 2008

God is Good-As he is known to be

So, I failed less than I thought I would.

I finally got some students to come to my event today...
They came, it went smoothly....

God answered my prayers to make this work out and taught me a lesson:

to be patient and faithful in his timing.

I told my boss that this event "might not work" because I didn't want to surprise him at the end of the day. But mainly, I wanted to clear my conscience and face the worst of it. If I had waited, I would not have to have shown him my failure.

God is good and teaches lessons all in one full swoop.
Also, my friends and husband are the most amazing and helped me with no warning and with enthusiasm.

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Erin said...

God is good ALL the time, even we don't really feel like that is true. :)