Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Awesomeness of my Ave Friends

Since working at the school this year, I have made some great friends here (some students, some staff, some "wives of"). When I was asked to hang out with some of them this Friday, I told them that I could not because KW and I are having some (10)friends from DC (that are in town for a convention) over for a party.

Now, because of the number of these people, and that our DC friends are quite different than our Ave friends, we were not planning on mixing the groups. (I should add that different does not mean worse for either party--one just a little more of a hardier party stock while the other is more quiet).

Typically for one of my many Ave parties (I like to have people over a lot, to KW's shagrin), if you invite more than one couple, you have to invite 6 others...we're all friends of friends and someone will be left out and that is no good. So small parties are just not available.

Nervously, I was afraid that when I told them of this party that they would want to be invited too...and my small apt can not accomodate that many people...

Each time I told someone of my impending party. Each and every one of them asked if they could help...could they make something for me, go shopping with/for me, help me pick people up from the airport. And I know this was not a "i'll help and get invited" kinda thing. It was just pure awesome selflessness.

I am a lucky girl.

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Erin said...

So, how was the party?