Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You know....?

Do you know what makes me want to write?

No, it is not the pleasure I get to putting words and ideas from my crazy head into some semblence of order...

No, it is not the time I get to spend in self reflection...

No, it is not my love of literary labels (thats right, I just popped out some alliteration in your face...booyeah!)

It is the comments.

The feedback that I get from people stopping by and saying..."hey that 10-30 min. that you spent today did not go to waste...unlike that piece about clandestine spying for lawyers that will ultimately go the way of electronic trash can."

And nothing gets me jazzed more than the double figures of comments....seriously.

Now I work hard for some of those comments...I scour the internet commenting on random peoples blogs...you know who you are....
but in the process, I have "met" some pretty cool people and some pretty cool blogs. This is why I have had so many "linky" posts.

So why don't you make these last few minutes worth something and leave a comment?!?!?!

Preferably about what makes you happy to blog...or what makes you happy...we can make it a veritable Sound of Music rip off....call me Sister Maria.


andrea said...

wow alex, i almost feel cheap commenting on that post that was obviously solely made for soliciting comments. oh well, i'll leave one anyway!
um...i don't have anything too interesting to say, so i'll tell you the coolest thing i've done in the past month.
i'm just gonna leave you with that:-)

Leigh said...

Just leaving a COMMENT to say that I too am guitly of the same thing. It used to be the writing, and it still is, but I love getting feeback. It is like getting good mail-no bills -in the mailbox. I love it. It just makes my day to know that people care enough to drop by and hear what you have to say. Sometimes it is more than I get a home (listening).
I always enjoy coming by your blog. You allow me much laughter at the world-and at myself. Thanks so much, my fellow southerner.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I love the exercise my brain get from blogging, the satisfaction of accomplishing something that day, being creative, thinking of topics, the rekindling of the writing thing I once had...... and most of all.....
THE COMMENTS and making new friends too.

GranolaGirl said...

Why do I blog? Because I'm too lazy to scrapbook. Because my mom tells me to. Because I love my kiddos too much NOT to plaster their face all over my blog. And to share them with you, sweet sister. I love you!

The Roaming Southerner said...

HAHAHAHA...I agree to lazy to scrapbook...definately a plus for me to blog.

Judy Pevehouse said...

I just created my blog last night and I'm brand new at this. I found your blog through a friend's friend's blog. I'm hoping to make new friends too.

Robin said...

I blogged for six months in total anonymity. I didn't even understand the nature of "comment crack" and the subsequent addiction.

It's often a surprise to me what people comment to and what they don't. I'll pour my heart and soul into a post and get 3, and churn out drivel on another and get 23 (go figure).

I'd like to read and comment to more blogs than I'm able; when I began to read others (and share my URL), I was a GREAT, committed commentor. Now...with a bit of necessary restraint, not so much so :/.

And.......I just like having fun w/my blog, too (current contest, for instance, lol).

Happy days!


Lena Warnock said...

I love to write - I am a journalist by trade, so this is a great way for me to document my crazy life! I LOVE to get comments as well :)