Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CoWorker's Cross Country Cruis Causes Coveting and Alliteration

My coworker, Kathi, has already discovered the wonders that is the Carolinas. She and her husband and toddler are planning a trip to the Asheville, Hendersonville, Greenville (I'm trying to convince them to hit up G-ville!). The toddler isn't planning per se but she is definately part of the details.

Kathi asked me about some places to see and stay in the area. So I put this out to you internets...any suggestions for Kathi.

She likes to hike (but not too hard with a three year old), she likes the cute towns of the Carolinas and she needs a place to stay. She wants to stay in a place that has cabins or something that has its own kitchen if possible.

I have suggested:
The Carl Sandburg House in Hendersonville (KW's fav)
Biltmore House....obviously
Sapphire Falls
Jones Gap Falls
Caeser's Head
Pretty Place
(this is wear GranolaGirl got married!)

Any suggestions that you might have, she would love to hear.

Doing some research for her, I got crazy jealous about her getting to go...but who wouldn't looking at these pics.


Caroline said...

I have never been to the Carolina's and I NEED TOO!!!! this talk of trips is making me want to plan one.

Robin said...

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~ LOVE LOVE LOVE the Carolinas!

MISS MISS MISS living there :/.

We like the Cashiers/Highlands area...soooo many sites to see, great trails, shopping, nice restaurants. Surprisingly, there's a wonderful place in Landrum, SC...I think it's called the Red Horse Inn, and it has small cabins and an included breakfast (also, a main inn). There are kitchens in all and jacuzzis in some. The restaurants in town are unbelievable for Smalltown, USA.

I'll try to think some more...I'm drawing a blank as far as names are concerned, but she WON'T be disappointed :).

OOooo, I just remembered another one we stayed at--The High Hampton Inn. It's a throwback!! It sounds fancier than it is, but the cabins and grounds would be great for a family!

GranolaGirl said...

Awww, pretty place! You know I LOVE the Carolinas... where do I start? Asheville is beautiful, downtown Hendersonville is quite cute (as is Saluda if you want a real small town). If you're in Saluda go eat at Green River Barbeque. The Grove Park Inn is beautiful and fancy smancy. You've got to go to the Biltmore-- so much history and just so cool. I wrote a paper on Fredrick Law Olmstead and his design of the biltmore estate gardens... and one of my cousins had her wedding reception at the Biltmore. They have a new inn on te grounds that's fantastic.
And of course Greenville is great too! LOVE the new downtown Falls Park with the suspension bridge. Lots to see and do! I'm pretty jealous...

Buffalo Betty said...

Would love to remember our most recent trip with those great disposable camera pics... hint hint

The Roaming Southerner said...

Yeah, I need to find that, goofus!!! I am bad and can't remember where I put it! Thanks for calling me out on it!

Erin said...

I went to a wedding there! Oh my gosh!

Curtis said...

come on, how can you leave off the Furman campus??? don't hate on the Bubble, AE!

Anonymous said...

I almost got married at Pretty Place! :) Grew up in Valdese, NC (certainly not a place for your list, but Myra's Ice Cream Shop makes great livermush)and I went to school at Mars Hill College, a tiny school 10 minutes outside of Asheville. Just moved to Toronto 2 years ago (ok, was just dragged to Toronto 2 years ago) and miss NC desperately.