Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Insight to My Hubs

Now, KW is not going to like this, but I am going to expound on some of the virtues that is my husband. This is "important" for two reasons: the more you know of him, the more you know of me, and I had an awful dream last night where he had a blog (he hates blogs, fyi-i try not to hold it against him) and was saying all sorts of stuff about me (not bad, just stuff) and he didn't tell me!!!!. So dream payback is a b*tch. And I will tell him that I talked about him and this will be met with eye rolls and a groan.

Besides being a kind and thoughtful man, my hubs is usually pretty patient with me. And I test him. On Saturday, I was feeling pretty angsty and just wanted to groan and whine and kivetch like a toddler. No real reason. Just felt the need. When he wouldn't play along (like he usually does), he started to get irritated and then finally he figured out how to get me out of my upsetness funk. He danced. I have shown evidence to this before. I love that he makes me laugh.

Another thing about KW is that he loves his adventures. Now, I've alluded to this before. But he loves to find free stuff around town (or out of town) and go to it. This can be when it is raining, snowing, 110 degrees. He is the postal worker (and my postal worker is good so I will not say anything negative here) of adventurists. Now we do not climb things, we do not dive into mystical deep waters...we do silly things.

Like go to a little place called Hell, Michigan...when it we can get this picture:

A snowballs chance in hell.

You'll notice KW's eyes behind Penny in the Lil' Devil one. We took the Princess (we call her that and it fits!) with us for her first car ride that wasn't medical or drop off related (just for funsies)...and she enjoyed it.

He also dragged along the ever willing Montagninis to come visit the birthplace of Motown

It was actually really fun and our guide was awesome!!!! It was in a sketchy area of Detroit (sadly, a lot of Detroit). And I typically would not have let KW drag me downtown on an early cold Saturday morning, but I went with little protestation since the Montagnini's were coming.

This weekend, here were the options he gave me for entertainment:
Go look at Chinese water symbols, Irish clog dancing, or a poetry reading. I opted for none: it was -2 here!!!! I can't support going out in that weather!!!!

He has also recently taken me to UofM women's gymnastics meet (SO FUN!) and men's diving (also a good time!).

All of this to say, that he drags me to and fro but I always have fun and love him for wanting me to be next to him for all of life's significant and insignificant goings.


GranolaGirl said...

What a great post! You do have a sweet husband... I love all your "adventures"-- wish we could tag along!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm . . . do you think you and KW could come down to the ATL and be my tour guide for all things free? That sounds like so much fun! I love clogging :)

Leigh said...

he sounds like a prize!! My kinda guy. I like the differnt, the obscure. Cool. Making memories...
but get warm! Holy Cow!

my wonderful men... said...

Sounds like a great hubby!

And what a great weekend, I heard of Hell's Michigan and couldn't believe there was such a place. Thanks for blogging about it, now I know.

It sounds like you all do a lot of fun stuff, love gymnastic meets and men's diving (your hubby is crazy letting you see those hot young men in little swimtrunks, lol).

Leigh said...

Check my blog either late tonight or in the AM there will be an award waiting for you to be picked up.
Have a great V day!

Erin said...

Good husband's are the best!

Abbey Road -- said...

Most of the good ones really are taken, and thank God, I got one of them!