Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Husband is the Best!

My superhero husband: Why is he so great?
because he wears a silly mustache in the middle of the airport
And dances like this for my entertainment
He also cleaned the entire apartment to suprise me...Man, He is way to good to me!


Huckaby Fam said...

Oh, Roaming Southerner, God is good, huh? He gave you a husband just as silly and fun and sweet as you :)

GranolaGirl12 said...

Go K-Wilt, Go K-Wilt, GO!

Y'all are hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Soul Roomie said...

I love it, the Ken Show. But don't let him get too lawyer-fratty. So happy to see you so happy! : )

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest post! Wow, my hubby would never let me post his pics like that. Yours is a gem!

Thanks for visiting me! Have a great weekend!

The Roaming Southerner said...

I have to make two comments with these pictures:
1.) Ken did not want me to put them up, but he saw how happy they made me and gave me the okay

2.) he would usually NEVER let me take the pictures, but again he likes to make me laugh and oh boy did this work.

Mieneke said...

He looks like a lovely bloke! Funny, generous AND domestically inclined! You got a good one there! :)