Thursday, March 08, 2007

Staying busy and infomercials

For those of you who know me or read the blog regularly know that I am obsessed with infomercials. I prefer kitchen gadgets but I am very suseptible to the fitness fads. I can't help it...the outlandish results, the way it seems crazy fun, and how it only takes up 4 cubic inches of storage can you beat it! Now I know that the infomercials are meant to make you feel bad...and convince you that the only way to build yourself back up is with the AMAZING results of the AbLounger, Yoga Booty Ballet set, with the free nutritional guide and WATER BOTTLE all for 3 easy payments of $19.95.

Every once in awhile, I take a step back and look at what these infomercials say about our society...I'm upset by it, but I still get roped in..WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT ME!

Since I am no longer employed during the day (yes, I have the ultra glamorous night job as research telemarketer!), I have been trying to keep a high productivity level throughout the day. In my quest to stay busy and productive, I have been trying to come up with schedules of Todos: Tax stuff, laundry, work out, write the book, fix Ken's phone, find that shoe that has been missing for a month. You know all those little things that you put aside when you are merely trying to survive work. While it sounds bad, I am really loving how nice it is to take care of the things that need to be done. I also have been having a great time with Ken...I forgot how nice and fun he is when I was too stressed out by everything (he's a pretty great guy--who knew!!!).


Robin said...

How's this for pathetic: I had to actually think about what you meant by a "schedule of Todos"...what's a todo?

Ai yi yi.........brain drain...:/

The Roaming Southerner said...

this space bar is not my friend, huh?

the soul roomie said...

Miss you! Lets fly in to Atl for Whit's wedding a bogart an Embry vehicle :-)

Anonymous said...

I once was late to work because I was buying Slim in 6 and the lady kept trying to sell me more things and it was stressing me out...because I just wanted what the infomercial said I could have and no more! other words...I am also addicted. Did you see TURBO JAM!!!

Pat Patterson

Anonymous said...

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