Monday, March 05, 2007

Lots to Say Lots to Explain

For those of you who have been checking the blog for the past few months in frustration for my lack of blogging (yes, I mean you Jay!), I am back and fully commited to blogging again. I know that last post promised it, but I am commited this time because (DRUMROLL!......)

I left my job at the Alzheimer's Association!!

The reason I haven't blogged in the past few months was because I was so miserable at my job that if I posted regularly...all you would have heard was whining and complaining!

I publicly apologize to those who had to listen to this daily: KW, my parents, Patty, Stephanie...etc.

Thankfully, I am starting my new life without the stabbing and aching pain in my neck that was the Association. *** To clarify: this does not mean the Alzheimer's Association the organization but the Association of my boss and her demented flying-monkey lackies.

I am happy to not go to work dreading the site of people, not to be having nightmares of pounding fists, and to not go home to become a drained and dehydrated couch vegetable.

The bright side of this is that I have lovely fodder for some great posts. Look foward to the character descriptions and amusing antecdotes....For example: a physical description of my boss would read: 5'4'' 280 short brown/grey hair black elastic waist pants and athletic socks---to meet with donors! I know this is superficial but it is just a tidbit of information that will make sense later.


Curtis said...

good posts! thanks for the update. i look forward to learning all about your coworkers. so what's on the horizon for employment?

Robin said...

"...demented flying-monkey lackies...."

giggles......snorts....more giggles...

And I don't even know 'em :).