Friday, January 19, 2007

Its Been A Long Time...Shouldn't Have Left You

Without a dope beat to step to...(for those of you who know what this is quoting, are cool. For the others who don't know this rap song, we need to work on your cool factor).

Anyways. Its been a LONG time. My only excuse is bronchitis. Yes, thats right. I got the big B. It was awesome!

Some big news...I got highlighted on my favorite website POPSUGAR! Here is the link...Please check me out! WOOT!



GranolaGirl12 said...

That is SO COOL. It's official. You are Way Cooler than me. I have no idea where you're quote came from. How many SAHM's listen to rap?

I love the outfit by the way... you look beautiful! And Cool, of course.

Hope you're feeling better :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I think my cool factor got upped just because I know you. Thanks, Roaming Southerner. You 'da bomb (wait, do people still say that?).

Tink said...

Let the record show Aembry396 is way cooler than Aaliyah ;-) and that reminds me, I promise to make you a G-100 mix cd part 2!! I can't believe I'm friends with a celebrity. It's pretty disgusting really- you're amazing with hair and now we know with clothes too. As if the fact that you're so freakin smart and awesome wasn't enough... way to one up the rest of us ;-) Love you Buffalo Betty!

Robin said... that you? Belting out my best Barry Manilow impersonation, "...Looks like you've made it...!", you're talkin' rap and I'm talking Manilow? Now THAT'S funny!

Congrats on the highlight.....absolutely, positively KOOL! ;)

Robin said...

Oooooooo, I meant to add I hope by now you're on the mend! I've got a cold and that's enough to do me in :/....