Thursday, November 30, 2006

False Products

If you ever want to know what annoys me, on the list with badly smelling people, people who suck air/spit through their teeth, and shrinking my clothes in the wash is products that lie about what they are. Some of you know that I am an infomerical FREAK! You know that these products are not built to last or going to solve the worlds problems but they WILL do as advertised (help you grab food while whisking, fold your laundry evenly, or chop up food without messing up your hands). Now I'm not saying that they work out 100%, but you take what you can for the low low price of $19.99.
I have recently fallen in love with dried fruit (i don't know why), so on my recent and many grocery trips I thought I'd try this:

The package says "MANGO FLAVORED PINAPPLE." Now to me that suggests that their are dried chucks of pinapple that are flavored to tast like mango....but I look at the fruit...and its not chucks, its weird oblong slices (AH! like a mango would be sliced)...and it tastes like pinapple but my tastebuds maybe tricked out by the MANGO FLAVORED PINAPPLE lable. do you think they actually meant to say Mango: flavored pinapple?

Now I know you are asking, "Alex, why are you freaking out about whether the shrivled up piece of fruit leather is pinapple flavored like mango or mango flavored to be pinapple?" The answer is that I like it but I AM COMPLETELY WEIRDED OUT that I CAN'T TELL!

so this annoys me, can you tell?


GranolaGirl12 said...

you're a fruitcake. But I love you anyway.

Mieneke said...

This would totally freak me out, too! :-)