Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lark News

So I was cruising around a great site of my friends, and I stumbled over this website called Now she claims it is a site that would be the daily show for chrisitian churches. Skeptically, I clicked the link.

And Boy howdy was I in for a laugh. There are funny articles and whatnot similar to the Daily Show, but my favorite is the t-shirts. Here are some of the best:

It says: You Suck, which is why you need Jesus

Jesus Loves You, Then Again he loves everybody.


Huckaby Fam said...

Oh, A! I am so glad you liked LarkNews. The guy changes it each month, so check back again to see more hilarity :) It's great for synical religious folks like you and I.

Robin said...

Soooo, glad you found my site...I can tell already, we might just become mates ;).

1) You "get" the whole Pensieve thing; 2) You're a Southerner (I'm from GA, too); 3) You have the SAME Blogger template I had for over a year 4) I see you might just see "life" from a similar perspective as me (great minds....).

Thanks for commenting...hope you'll be back. Off to read a few more of your posts.

Oh...guess I should comment on this one--FUN-NEE :D.