Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another More-or-Less-Moot Monday!

So this Monday alot of things are going crazy, esp. in the bathroom:
-My shower head came off in my hand when I tried to turn it
-My shower drain is clogged
-My hot water heater is broken
-My toilet went crazy
-and I ran out of toilet paper!

Poor KW had to fix the shower head, drano my shower drain, mop up the bathroom floor, and take a cold shower this morning. Man, he must love me if he didn't hitailitout last night.

But what really is moot this Monday is JoAnn fabrics. I spent an hour walking up and down JoAnn's trying to find fabric to make cushions for my new bed...and I came up with bubkiss. I don't know what is moot: JoAnn's selection or my indecision. I'm betting it's the latter.

If you have something that is not working for you, let me know!

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GranolaGirl12 said...

Yuck! Can you get maintenance to come fix the bathroom for you? I'm sorry you had a crappy day.