Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Note to self

Even when you feel alone in this world and people don't seem to get you, there will be a friend out there who knows what you are talking about.

When you say, "OMG, I am going through _______."  They will understand your feelings and be able to verbalize it better than you can.  And surprisingly enough it will not be the person you expect or who is in the exact same position as you...but you will feel validated and well....not crazy.

While I know that God never gives us more than we can handle, I am learning that God gives us people along the way to make us happier, better, and stronger.


I'm Just Saying said...

I am so sorry you are having a hard time right now. I hope it get betters real fast and that the Lord gives you Peace and calms you while you are going through it.. :) My Favorite verse is . "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". You are not just an ordinary woman , You are a child of the King .God Bless you and please take care.

LuvRedandWhite said...

I'm right here with you on the hard time, sweetie. When I start crying (sometimes sobbing), I just have to know that God wouldn't give us something we couldn't handle. Sending you a big hug :) Remember that this, too, shall pass! XOXO

Jessi said...

So very true. Hope things work themselves out for you!

amanda said...

can i just say amen?


Krystyn said...

Ditto. It's amazing and sad that there are always people at the same place as you and know just what to tell you.